Why does the excavator need to be modified with a piling arm?

Recently, many people have consulted about the modification of pile driving arms of excavators. I found that many people are not familiar with the modification of pile driving arms, do not understand it, and do not understand its function. Juxiang Machinery, as a leader in the pile driver industry, today Let me tell you about the modification of excavator piling arm. ella@jxhammer.com-1

The excavator piling arm modification is composed of a large arm, a jib, a piling hammer and other equipment. It uses a hydraulic power station as the hydraulic power source. It generates high-frequency vibration through the vibration box, vibrates the pile body at high acceleration, and transmits the vertical vibration generated by the machine to The pile body causes the soil structure around the pile to change due to vibration and its strength is reduced. The soil around the pile body liquefies, reducing the frictional resistance between the pile side and the soil body, and then the pile is sunk into the soil using the downward pressure of the excavator, the vibrating sinking hammer and the pile body’s own weight. When pulling out piles, use the lifting force of the excavator to pull up the piles while vibrating on one side. Conventional excavators modified with hydraulic piling arms are called “excavator pile drivers” and are mainly used for piling operations. The types of piles include pipe piles, steel sheet piles, steel pipe piles, concrete prefabricated piles, wooden piles and photovoltaics driven on the water. Pile etc.

ella@jxhammerIn fact, it is very simple to say, because the modification of the excavator piling arm itself comes from the modification of the excavator, that is to say, it evolved from the excavator, but it has an extra-long arm and is specially used for excavator piling. The configured arm is different from the big arm specially used for excavation. The piling arm is a straight arm, which is convenient for lifting. It is equipped with a short forearm. The curved arm of the piling hammer can be connected to the forearm, so it can be lifted higher and can be lifted higher. Good control of the piling hammer can carry out piling and piling operations, so the foundations of many high-rise buildings are built by it. The foundation requires steel sheet piles as the foundation, and has very high requirements for depth, because the excavator piling arm modification Definitely indispensable.

ella@jxhammer.com-3jpgJuxiang Machinery has 15 years of modification experience, more than 50 R&D engineers, and produces more than 2,000 sets of piling equipment a year. The piling equipment is made with excellent craftsmanship and superb technology. The products sell well all over the country and have won unanimous praise from people in the industry. We welcome Laotie who have modification needs to consult and cooperate.


Post time: Oct-20-2023