• Multi Grabs

    Multi Grabs

    The multi grab, also known as a multi-tine grapple, is a device used with excavators or other construction machinery for grabbing, picking up, and transporting various types of materials and objects.

    1. **Versatility:** The multi grab can accommodate different types and sizes of materials, providing greater flexibility.

    2. **Efficiency:** It can pick up and transport multiple items in a short time, enhancing work efficiency.

    3. **Precision:** The multi-tine design facilitates easier grasping and secure attachment of materials, reducing the risk of material dropping.

    4. **Cost Savings:** Using a multi grab can reduce the need for manual labor, resulting in lower labor costs.

    5. **Enhanced Safety:** It can be operated remotely, reducing direct operator contact and enhancing safety.

    6. **High Adaptability:** Suitable for various industries and applications, from waste handling to construction and mining.

    In summary, the multi grab finds wide-ranging applications across different sectors. Its versatility and efficiency make it an ideal tool for various construction and processing tasks.

  • Log/Rock Grapple

    Log/Rock Grapple

    Hydraulic timber and stone grabs for excavators are auxiliary attachments used to extract and transport wood, stones, and similar materials in construction, civil engineering, and other fields. Installed on the excavator arm and powered by the hydraulic system, they feature a pair of movable jaws that can open and close, securely gripping the desired objects.

    1. **Timber Handling:** Hydraulic timber grabs are employed for gripping wood logs, tree trunks, and wooden piles, commonly used in forestry, timber processing, and construction projects.

    2. **Stone Transport:** Stone grabs are used to grasp and transport stones, rocks, bricks, etc., proving valuable in construction, roadworks, and mining operations.

    3. **Clearing Work:** These gripping tools can also be utilized for cleaning tasks, such as removing debris from building ruins or construction sites.

  • Hydraulic Orange Peel Grapple

    Hydraulic Orange Peel Grapple

    1. Made from imported HARDOX400 sheet material, it’s lightweight and super durable against wear.

    2. Outperforms similar products with the strongest grip force and widest reach.

    3. It features an enclosed oil circuit with built-in cylinder and high-pressure hose for safeguarding and extending hose life.

    4. Equipped with an anti-fouling ring, it prevents small impurities in hydraulic oil from harming the seals effectively.