New product release | Juxiang S series new product launch conference was successfully held

On December 10, Juxiang Machinery’s new product launch conference was grandly held in Hefei, Anhui Province. More than 100 people including pile driver bosses, OEM partners, service providers, suppliers and major customers from Anhui area were all present, and the event was unprecedented. It was cold and windy outside in Hefei in December, but the atmosphere in the venue was warm and people were in high spirits.


Juxiang S700 pile driving hammer was personally announced by General Manager Juxiang Qu on site, which aroused strong response from the audience. Everyone agrees that the S700 pile driving hammer is a revolutionary upgrade compared to the pile driving hammers on the market in terms of appearance design, internal structure and technical concept, which is refreshing. The pile driver bosses and representatives from the excavator main engine factory on site were eager to try.


It takes ten years to sharpen a sword. Juxiang Machinery relies on more than ten years of equipment manufacturing technology accumulation and one year of R&D investment to launch the S700 piling hammer. The launch of new products enables Juxiang Machinery to achieve a comprehensive transformation from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”.


The S700 piling hammer is a practical sublimation of the “4S” (super stability, super impact force, super cost-effectiveness, super long durability). The S700 piling hammer adopts a dual-motor design, which ensures strong and stable power even under special extreme working conditions. The vibration frequency is as high as 2900rpm, the excitation force is 80t, and the high frequency is powerful. The new hammer can drive steel sheet piles up to a length of about 22 meters, ensuring that it can undertake various engineering projects. The S700 piling hammer is suitable for 50-70 ton excavators from Sany, Hitachi, Liugong, Xugong and other excavator brands, and the hammer matching is extremely high.

The S700 piling hammer is a new generation of four-eccentric piling hammers from Juxiang Machinery. Compared with the four-eccentric piling hammers of most competitors on the market, the S700 piling hammer is more efficient, more stable and durable. It is the leading technology upgrade of domestic piling hammer brands.


The Hefei launch conference of Juxiang Machinery’s new product piling hammer received extensive support and participation from practitioners in the pile driver industry in Anhui. The original meeting size of 60 people was quickly expanded to more than 110 people due to everyone’s enthusiastic registration. The press conference is a platform. Pile driver practitioners in Anhui have in-depth exchanges and communication on the platform built by Juxiang, which has become a “Spring Festival Gala” for the pile driver industry in Anhui. The press conference also received support from the brands of the main engine manufacturers in Anhui. Strong support. Many representatives of the main engine factory expressed their approval of the technological innovation and practicality of Juxiang pile driving hammer.


At this conference, Juxiang Machinery also demonstrated the classic S series representative model S650 on site. The pile driver bosses and main engine factory technicians who attended the meeting came forward to observe and communicate. Juxiang Machinery business representatives had in-depth exchanges with visitors on the development prospects, experience and technology of the piling hammer industry. There was an endless stream of visitors around the exhibits that day, expressing their recognition and praise for the Juxiang S series piling hammers and leaving each other’s contact information.

The new generation S series pile driving hammers are used in 32 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities, etc.) including Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Xinjiang, and Hainan, and nationwide More than 100 prefectures and cities and more than 10 international countries and regions, nearly 400 units of working conditions, and 1,000+ units of the entire series have been proven, winning higher efficiency, higher profits, and more business for customers. Juxiang Machinery strives to have influence across the country in the future and become a representative model of domestic high-quality pile driving hammers.


Since its inception, Juxiang Machinery has been committed to winning higher efficiency, higher profits, and more business for its customers. Juxiang Machinery adheres to the business philosophy of “customer-centered, touching customers with heart, quality as the core, and striving for quality wholeheartedly” and is committed to building a “leading” brand of global piling hammers. Juxiang pile driving hammer leads the trend of pile driving hammer technology in China and takes the lead in intelligent manufacturing!



Post time: Dec-12-2023