Advantages of Scrap Metal Shears Compared to Traditional Scrap Metal Cutting Equipment

[Summary Description] The Scrap Metal Shear has significant advantages compared to traditional scrap steel cutting equipment.

Advantages of Scrap Metal Shears 01_imgFirst, it is flexible and can cut in all directions. It can reach any place that the excavator arm can extend to. It is perfect for demolishing steel workshop and equipment, as well as cutting and scrapping heavy-duty vehicles.

Second, it is highly efficient, able to cut five to six times per minute, saving time on loading and removing materials.

Third, it is cost-effective, saving space, equipment, and labor. It does not require electricity, grab steel machine cranes, or conveyors. It also eliminates the need for additional space and personnel for these supporting equipment. It can also be processed on-site during demolition, reducing transportation.

Fourth, it does not cause any damage. The cutting process does not produce iron oxide and does not cause any loss of weight.

Fifth, it is environmentally friendly. There is no flame cutting, avoiding the generation and harm of toxic and harmful gases.

Sixth, it is safe. The operator can operate from the cab, staying away from the work area to avoid accidents.


Post time: Aug-10-2023