Industry analysis丨Three major projects and equipment updates, construction machinery will be “upward” in 2024 with full momentum

Since 2024, expectations and confidence in the construction machinery market have been boosted. On the one hand, many places have ushered in the concentrated start of major projects, sending a signal to expand investment and speed up. On the other hand, favorable policies and measures have been introduced one after another, providing opportunities for the development of the industry. Many opportunities.

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This year’s National Two Sessions not only proposed major measures such as optimizing real estate policies, urban renewal, and improving the economy for people’s livelihood, but also proposed a master plan focusing on the healthy development of key manufacturing industry chains and supply chains, green and low-carbon transformation, and high-quality development along the Belt and Road Initiative. requirements have become a driving force for the development of the construction machinery industry. From a recent perspective, the following aspects are the most prominent.

1. “Three Major Projects” Promote Market Demand Growth

At present, in the context of the country’s requirements for steady economic growth, in order to actively and steadily resolve real estate risks and adapt to the new urbanization development trend, the country has launched the improvement of basic systems and promoted the “three major projects” (the planning and construction of affordable housing, urban villages renovation and “both leisure and emergency” public infrastructure construction) and other measures, as well as the task of focusing on promoting the construction of major projects.


The government work report proposes to accelerate the construction of a new model of real estate development. Increase the construction and supply of affordable housing, improve basic systems related to commercial housing, and meet residents’ rigid housing needs and diversified improved housing needs. In order to accelerate infrastructure investment, it is planned to arrange 3.9 trillion yuan in local government special bonds, an increase of 100 billion yuan over the previous year.


Specifically, during this year’s Two Sessions, relevant departments have clearly stated goals for the renovation of old communities and old pipe networks. “In 2024, the real estate sector plans to renovate 50,000 old residential areas and build a number of complete communities. In addition, we will continue to increase the transformation of old pipe networks such as gas, water supply, sewage, and heating in cities, and then renovate them in 2024. More than 100,000 kilometers.” At the people’s livelihood-themed press conference of the Second Session of the 14th National People’s Congress held on March 9, Ni Hong, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, explained the goals of the next round of urban renewal.

At present, the central government is actively promoting the construction of the “three major projects”. From 2024 to 2025, the average annual investment in affordable housing and “both emergency and emergency” projects is expected to be 382.2 billion yuan and 502.2 billion yuan respectively, and the average annual investment in urban village renovation is expected to reach 1.27- 1.52 trillion yuan. In addition, the central bank has recently stated that it will provide medium- and long-term low-cost financial support for the construction of the “three major projects”. Under the policy advocacy, the “three major projects” are ready to go.


Construction machinery is an important construction equipment for urban renewal, “three major projects” and other infrastructure construction. With the start of real estate construction in various places and the continuous and in-depth implementation of urban village reconstruction, greater market demand will be released for the construction machinery industry, which will have a great impact on the construction machinery industry. to a boosting effect.


2. Equipment updates bring a 5 trillion market size

In 2024, equipment updates and industrial upgrading will become a major driving force for increasing demand for construction machinery.


In terms of equipment updating, on March 13, the State Council issued the “Action Plan for Promoting Large-Scale Equipment Renewal and Trade-in of Consumer Goods”, which clarified key industry equipment, equipment in the construction and municipal infrastructure fields, transportation equipment and old agricultural machinery, and educational and medical equipment. etc. direction. Construction machinery is undoubtedly the most directly related industry, so how much room for development does it contain?

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